Reading List

Work in progress: I need to figure out Pelican bibtex packages before migrating my previous reading list doc here (I realize this has been a 2-year process by now). In the meantime, email me for the old PDF.

This is an assorted collection of books, papers, and articles that I have found useful in learning about various fields. I have attempted (where memory permits) to acknowledge the person that introduced me to the material.

I would be a rather Trumpian liar if I claimed to have read these works in their entirety. I am still working through many of these (particularly textbooks) and have stopped midway through others.

Please contact me if you have any suggestions of new material for me to read!


Behavioral Economics

Economic Theory

Monetary Theory

Roman Antiquity

Roman Law

General Roman History

Computer Science


Machine Learning

Computer Architecture, Systems, and Performance

Image Processing and Vision


Mathematics & Statistics

Measure Theory

Elementary Probability & Statistics

Elementary Mathematics