About Me

I currently work on deep learning research at the FAIR lab. Most recently, I've been working on ELF OpenGo, the first open-source superhuman Go bot.

I studied economics at Harvard, with a focus on behavioral economics and theory. My coursework has largely followed the doctoral program, with field examination coursework in behavioral economics, theory, and finance. Following my hobbyist fascination with Roman law and military history, I studied the Classics as a secondary field. I also helped teach some of the graduate/upper-level computer science and math courses there, and I took interesting CS electives on occasion.

Current Affiliation

Research Engineering Manager


A.B. (cum laude, ΦΒΚ)

Past Affiliations

Research Intern

Teaching Fellow (systems security, real analysis)

Research Assistant (security; advised by Ninghui Li)

Lab Instructor & Grading Administrator

Machine Learning Engineer